Everlasting Colour Wash

This product is available in California, Arizona and Nevada. It is not available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Utah.

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Colour protect shampoo with pH sealing technology

A sulphate-free pH balanced shampoo that gently cleanses, closes the cuticle for shine and helps to lock colour in, while protecting hair strands from hard water mineral accumulation to guarantee shine.

Features & Benefits

  • Acidic pH shampoo
  • Colour-locking
  • Creates shine
  • Protects against hard water minerals
  • Nourishes and Hydrates
  • Weightless

Kevin's Tip

''EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH is a valuable tool for colourists in-salon. Did you know that it will allow you to safely and gently remove minerals and metals found in tap water that may affect the colour pre-colour and assist in colour-locking when used post colour? For clients, it will also brighten and enhance existing colour at home.''


Hydrolyzed Quinoa and Rice Extract
A powerhouse of amino acids that helps protect, improve colour retention and creates shine while helping to nourish hair from root to tip. Also helps fortify to prevent damage and assist in colour lock.

Natural Phytic Acid
A biodegradable chelating agent to both repel and protect hair from hard water minerals leading to improved shine.

Inulin (Chicory Root Extract)
Multifunctional ingredient extracted from Chicory Root. A natural prebiotic fibre that helps to support the scalps microbiome for improved scalp health and conditioning and detangling properties.

A hydrophobic film forming complex designed to assist in hair fibre protection and colour wash fastness by protecting against humidity and other environmental elements such as UV radiation.

Acidic pH System
Provides the optimum environment for colour lock by closing the cuticle after hair colour and respecting the natural pH of the scalp


Apply to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat. For best results, use with the entire EVERLASTING.COLOUR regimen.



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