Megix10 Color Saver Treatment

This product is available in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah.

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To maintain results, Megix recommends using the Color Care line after colouring hair. Fision Keraveg-18, a set of 18 amino acids including soy and wheat proteins and three very important amino acids: arginine, serine and threonine, is at the heart of the line, which consists of the Color Saver Shampoo and Color Saver Treatment. Effectiveness tests conducted through electron microscopy studies showed a significant increase in hair moisturizing, due to the penetration of minerals into the fibre. As well as recreating the keratin composition of hair, Fision Keraveg-18 also acts on hair so as to:
  • extend colour and prevent fading
  • be an effective UVA and UVB filter
  • improve hydration, elasticity and combability
  • make hair glossy and silky
  • Paraben Free
  • Sls Free


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