Match Maker Color Ring

This product is available in California, Arizona and Nevada. It is not available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Utah.

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Match Maker by Amplify is the must-have tool for consultation and planning every extension service. The color ring allows you to get a quick visual overview of every available Amplify color. Made with 100% cuticle intact human hair, the color ring is designed to assist in the color matching and planning process. When choosing the right color or combination of colors to apply, hold the color ring at the hair ends (not the root) in each zone. Keep in mind that colors that are dual or tri-blends will appear chunky on the color ring but more blended or diffused on an actual extension panel. Fan the hair out using your fingers to get the most accurate representation of what the color will look like in the hair. Most clients are not one solid color but a combination of colors, Amplify tape allows for two or more colors to be combined in one extension application.


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