Home Care Bond Repair Starter Kit

This product is available in California, Arizona and Nevada. It is not available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Utah.

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This innovative spray-on hair treatment delivers deep, lasting repair for chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Its acid-free, patented formula actively rebonds hair’s structure. The formula continues to diffuse repair through each strand for hours after application using our Biodiffusion™ technology. Use 1-2 times per week to restore softer, stronger, healthier hair.

Starter Kit Includes:
  • (1) Spray Bottle 150mL
  • (2) Bond Repair Concentrate 15mL


diethylhexyl maleate, oleyl alcohol, alcohol denat., stearamidopropyl dimethylamine


  1. Spray a generous amount of epres™ Bond Repair Treatment onto dry hair until fully saturated.
  2. Leave on hair for 10 mintutes or more. The technology continues to work for as long as you have it on your hair, so feel free to spray and go or even sleep in it.
  3. Cleanse and style your hair as usual and enjoy its renewed strength and softness


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