ColorProof Smooth Drops

This product is available in California and Nevada. It is not available in Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Utah.

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This clear, featherlight treatment oil infuses hair with lasting smoothness and glossy shine. A nourishing blend of Avocado and Abyssinian Oil add vital moisture and strength. Just a few drops is all you need for an extra boost of lister, vitality and color protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Clear, featherlight, non-greasy
  • Provides luminous shine to all hair types
  • Repairs hair and instantly absorbs for nourishment and restored vitality
  • Delivers manageability and smooth control
  • Humidity-resistant formula helps tame frizz


Sea Kelp, a rich source of vitamins and minerals, infuses hydration increasing flexibility helping to prevent breakage.

Shea Butter helps to moisturize hair and scalp and protects hair from everyday damage and split ends.

Avocado Oil, rich in fatty acids, nourishes and enriches hair with vital nutrients to improve overall hair health and flexibility. Moisturizes strands and helps reduce likelihood of breakage or split ends.

Abyssinian Oil adds essential nourishment to hair increasing resilience while smoothing.


Apply a small amount from mid-lengths to ends on damp or dry hair. Style as desired.


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