YS Park Tint Bowl - Graphite

This product is available in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah.

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Y.S. Park Tint Bowls are made out of the same material used to make medical equipment, which are coated with TPX, reducing the oxidization of coloring agents and preventing stains that attach to the bowl, allowing for easy rinsing. Designed deep enough to hold tint brushes when not in use. Each bowl includes precise measurement lines surrounding their inside and teeth on the rim to remove excess color from tint brush. More than a mere tint bowl, Y.S. Park Tint Bowls are engineered with excellence in mind. • Elegant and efficient • Coated with TPX - less oxidization and stains • Easy cleaning • Deep enough to hold tint brushes when not in use • Precise measuring lines inside • Teeth on the rim for removing excess color


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