Color Wear 6 60ml

This product is available in California. It is not available in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Utah.

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This product is from the NEW Color Wear product line which is not compatible with the OLD Color Wear product line. To shop for products from the OLD Color Wear product line, click here.

Color Wear is the natural evolution of the tone on tone concept, which is even more natural for a brand such as Alfaparf Milano, which makes change and innovation its trademark.

Thanks to patented technology, this radically renewed formula stands out due to its gentleness on the hair and allows everyone to enhance and enjoy a new look.

Features & Benefits
New Packaging
The new pack was made using 90% recycled paper and a QR code has been placed on the box to replace the paper instruction sheet. This will help reduce the consumption of paper.

New Formula
Contains an alkalinizing complex based on arginine, derived from plant sugars, which allows the most used and widespread chemical alkalizing agents (ammonia and ethanolamine) to be replaced. Arginine is an amino acid, 100% of natural origin, which is very similar to the hair as it is already present in its protein structure.

  • Mix 1:2 ratio with Oxid'o 5 volume.
  • Leave on the hair for 10-25 minutes.

*The 10 and 20 volume developers are specially designed to make warm colors vibrant.


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