Autumn Angel

This product is available in California, Arizona and Nevada. It is not available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Utah.

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KEVIN.MURPHY AUTUMN.ANGEL is an apricot rosé color enhancing shine treatment. One of four, this family of treatments is designed to improve the condition of all hair types, impart a lustrous shine and offer a range of tonal solutions. The pigments have been selected to enhance existing tones, neutralize unwanted tones and improve color longevity without building up on the hair. AUTUMN.ANGEL adds luminous shine and a soft apricot rosé shade. Perfect for natural or rose gold or apricot-toned blondes, or any shade of red or orange from the sweetest strawberry blonde to a bold titian. Autumn will lend a pink peach hue to any natural or colored shade.


Murumuru Seed Butter Rich in essential Fatty Acids to help even out the moisture levels in the hair.

Olive Leaf Extract Mimics the hair's healthy oils providing essential moisture to the hair.

Green Tea Extract Improves the hair's flexibility while adding moisture and protection.

Grape Seed Oil A great source of Linoleic Acid, easily absorbed by the hair to improve moisture retention.

Jojoba Seed Oil Makes the hair more resistant to tangles and prevents damage.

Linseed Oil For protection and nourishment while reducing breakage.

Lavender Oil For protection and soothing as well as added shine and distinctively calming fragrance.


Wet Hair. Shampoo first. Apply the desired COLOURING.ANGEL. Wait 3-5 mins and rinse.


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